iOS 11 now on 85 percent of Apple devices

Ahead of the eagerly awaited launch of the new iOS 12 operating system, Apple has revealed the updated statistics for the previous iOS.

According to the App Store support page for developers, as of September 3, iOS 11 is now installed on 85 percent of Apple devices.

This is the first update on adoption statistics since May 31 and has risen by 4 percent from 81 percent over the summer months.

Bigger, faster, stronger

Future adoption will be heavily influenced by the launch and push to iOS 12 which will almost certainly arrive in September or October. The last iOS update with fixes for bugs and support for USB Restricted Mode appeared in July.

The rest of the figures reveal that 10 percent of Apple users continue to use iOS 10 and five percent still use earlier versions such as iOS 9 or iOS 8. Analysts look over the lifespan of iOS 11 and see that the adoption was slower than the previous versions. There were some publicised bugs that affected iOS 11 including Spectre and Meltdown and the slow down performance of older iPhones also impacted take up.

This feedback has led to Apple delaying some of the most anticipated iOS 12 features to focus on improving stability and performance especially on older devices. iOS12 is designed to improve on the previous version with faster app launch times, faster load times and an overall quicker feel when booting up and running the system.

Coming soon

It is also anticipated that we will see a faster adoption rate than the previous incarnation. If iOS12 is released by Apple as a golden master version on September 12, the day the 2018 iPhone range is announced, then this will be the final version.

If past launches are a guide then the new iOS 12 should appear on Wednesday, September 19, two days before the new iPhones are available for purchase.

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