iOS 9.3 to Encourage Sounder Sleep with Night Shift Feature

How Much Could iOS 9.3’s Night Shift Improve Your Sleep?
iOS 9.3 Night Shift

Looking at a mobile device’s screen just before bedtime can play havoc with your sleeping patterns, for good scientific reasons. However, that could soon cease to be the case with iOS devices, thanks to an intriguing feature in the upcoming iOS 9.3: Night Shift.

As Apple has explained when introducing iOS 9.3, many studies have proved that, with exposure to bright blue light in the late hours, your circadian rhythms can be adversely affected, leading you to struggle to fall asleep. That can be a shame if you enjoy using your iOS device to relax just before you head for a nap, but Night Shift could come to the rescue…

Night Shift will reportedly work by using the device’s clock and geolocation to discern when sunset has arrived where you are. It will then automatically change the display’s colors to warmer hues, therefore helping you to nod off just when you want to. Come morning, the display colors will automatically return to their usual settings.

Though iOS 9.3 has just entered beta, it is unclear when it will get its public release. As iOS 9.2.1 has not yet emerged from beta, iOS 9.3 could arrive in March as the initial version of iOS on the rumored new 4-inch iPhone and iPad Air 3.

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