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iOS 9 Currently on 77% of Active iOS Devices, Figures Hint

Apple has posted new figures suggesting that iOS 9 is currently running on 77% of active iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch units. This means that, in its adoption rate, the operating system is about a month ahead of the point reached by iOS 8 during the same stage of its life cycle.

According to 9to5Mac, it wasn’t until March 18 last year that iOS 8 reached 77% adoption. iOS 8 is apparently still on 17% of active iOS devices, while the remaining 6% continue to use iOS 7 or earlier. Many of these are likely to be particularly old devices for which support beyond iOS 7 is not available.

These fresh figures about iOS usage appear on Apple’s developer website and were apparently collected through detecting the iOS versions used for activity on the App Store on Monday.

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