iOS drivers can now share Car Key with Android users

iOS drivers who have a car with Car Key support can now share their car keys with Android users.

Apple has been working with the IETF to standardize cross-platform car key sharing, and Google Pixel owners can now benefit from the technology. Google has confirmed it’s rolling out support for car keys across all of its devices running Android 12 or above soon, but Google Pixel devices are the first to use the technology.

With Car Key on iOS, drivers can use their Apple Wallet to unlock their car, and they can share car keys by using the Share button inside the Wallet app. Now, as part of iOS 16.1, Apple’s Wallet app can generate car keys that can be shared with others and work on supporting platforms, including Android for the first time.

What’s more, users can revoke access to a shared Car Key at any time by opening the Wallet app and tapping on the People icon to manage the list of users and turn off support – ideal if you’re lending your car to a friend.

Apple confirmed that it’s working with IETF at this year’s WWDC, but adds that it’s still working on a final specification to make the service available for adoption by anyone. However, for the time being, Apple and Google are now offering cross-platform support.

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