iOS Users Looking to Trade Up Sets E-bay on Fire

After the announcement of the much anticipated iPhone 5 last week, e-bay’s instant sale tradein offer numbers went ablaze according to In the five days after the announcement the number of tradein’s increased 256% and the data helped to give an idea of who is looking to pick up the new iPhone.

It seems the majority of people looking to upgrade are current iOS device users, showing Apple is still having a hard time breaking into the Android market. Here is the breakdown; 69% were offers from iPhone users, 16 percent from Android users, and 4% from other devices. To go more in depth of the Apple smart phone users 46% were looking to unload a iPhone 4, 40% iPhone 4S, 8% 3GS, and 6% 3G.

E-bay was able to further break this data down by the actual models:

  1. iPhone 4 32GB AT&T
  2. iPhone 4s 64GB
  3. iPhone 4 16GB AT&T
  4. iPhone 4s 16GB
  5. iPhone 4s 32GB

This data shows overall that current market of iPhone owners looking to upgrade is gigantic, but in the over saturation of smart phones in the market may be hurting Apple. 

About the Author

Ivan Castilho is a citizen of the world; CEO at Mindfield Digital and Executive Director at AppleMagazine, and Techlife News. Ivan's been an avid Apple user and consumer since 2008, with a major in Marketing and extensive experience in strategic management and consulting for tech companies. Hobbies include photography, design, and music.