iPad 4 vs. Tablet Market Showdown!

This week so far has brought a ton of exciting Apple news, and most of it has been concentrated on the highly anticipated iPad Mini. The Mini does deserve some respect, but Apple also unveiled the new iPad 4th generation, which is a very smart move as their competition in the tablet market is growing. You have a rumored Nexus 10 that might be announced by Google as early as next week (not included in the chart obviously), and the new Microsoft Surface Tablet is seeing a lot of positive buzz right now from the tech world.

Thus, I thought this would be the perfect time to put together a comparison of the iPad 4’s competitors, and see how they stack up against Apple’s full size juggernaut. You will notice in the above table I left out the iPad Mini because this chart was put together to highlight each company’s “flagship” tablet offering. Will the 720p FaceTime, new Lightning connector, and A6X processor hold off the competition? Check out the chart above and decide for yourself, but in my opinion, iOS 6 and the A6X chip will keep the iPad king for a while.

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Ivan Castilho is a citizen of the world; CEO at Mindfield Digital and Executive Director at AppleMagazine, and Techlife News. Ivan's been an avid Apple user and consumer since 2008, with a major in Marketing and extensive experience in strategic management and consulting for tech companies. Hobbies include photography, design, and music.