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iPad Mini 4 Reportedly to Look Like Smaller iPad Air 2

The Japanese blog Macotakara has reported that the upcoming iPad Mini 4 will likely physically resemble a smaller version of the already available iPad Air 2. This and other details about Apple’s supposed next small tablet are claimed by a typically reliable source of news of future Apple products.

It isn’t initially obvious why news about the Mini 4’s visual similarity to the Air 2 should be considered particularly revelatory, given that the current latest version of the iPad Mini also has such a similarity. Nonetheless, citing “the industry” as its source, the blog calls such a design for the iPad Mini 4 “a high possibility”.

Macotakara does note, however, that the next Mini will have the Air 2’s thickness of 6.1mm, smaller than the 7.5mm of the iPad Mini 3. The report adds that an 8-megapixel front camera will be another feature of the Air 2 brought to the new small tablet, and there is even speculation of a fully-laminated display and anti-reflective coating.

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