iPad Mini – Delayed or Just a Rumor All Along? (UPDATED)

Apple fans have been abuzz about the iPad Mini for the past few months now. Last month’s talk was all about the iPhone 5, and when that announcement was barely over, people were already waiting for the upcoming announcement of the iPad Mini. That event was supposed to be October 10, and it’s October 12, so … what happened?

While some are seeing this as a delay, meaning we won’t see the Mini until after October, some are doubting the existence of the Mini, suggesting it might have been just a rumor all along. After all, it’s not like this community isn’t prone to rumor and speculation.

Some sources are saying there is a delay in Apple shipments in general, from a 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro to the iMac to the iPad Mini. These shipments have been delayed from September to October. The other products are confirmed, but Apple has never confirmed the iPad Mini. It started as a rumor that took hold, then began to look like more and more of a possibility.

This means that for now, it’s best to leave the iPad Mini off your Christmas list. At best, we don’t know when it will show up, and there’s a possibility it might never show up at all. It does leave the question, though, if Apple execs are sitting there laughing behind the scenes at everyone jumping and speculating about a product that doesn’t even exist.

Update: Of course this isn’t going to stop the rumor mill at all. The new rumor is that the iPad Mini will be revealed at a special event on October 23. Although speculation is being raised on what exciting things could possibly accompany this unveiling, since they have already revealed Mountain Lion, the Retina Display MacBook Pro, iOS 6, new iPods, and the iPhone 5.

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