iPad Series in 2024: Bold Changes Ahead Revolutionizing the iPad range: major overhauls are expected in 2024.

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Apple’s iPad family is set for a series of transformative updates, including significant enhancements across its various models. This comes after a year of stagnation in 2023, with the last notable update occurring in October 2022. Mark Gurman, in his Bloomberg “Power On” newsletter, has provided insights into the expected changes.

Central to the 2024 revamp is the iPad Pro, slated for a comprehensive overhaul, although specific details remain under wraps. There’s buzz around the potential introduction of OLED display technology for the iPad Pro, starting production in February, hinting at a release later in the year.

The iPad Air is also poised for a notable change, with an option for a larger screen, potentially expanding to 12.9 inches, equating to the size of the larger iPad Pro model. This move aligns with ongoing rumors about the iPad Air’s size upgrade.

Furthermore, the iPad mini and the standard iPad are expected to receive upgrades in terms of faster processing chips. Given Apple’s track record and the considerable time since the last update, these enhancements seem highly plausible.

Gurman’s recent newsletter echoes his earlier statements from December 6, where he discussed similar prospects, including the 12.9-inch iPad Air, an OLED-equipped iPad Pro, and the introduction of new Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard versions.

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