iPhone 11 most popular smartphone in first quarter of 2020

The iPhone 11 was the most popular smartphone in the first quarter of 2020.

As the world began to adjust to life under coronavirus, at a time when world markets were shutting down and Wall Street was plummeting, Apple has managed to weather the storm and come out on top as the most popular smartphone manufacturer once more, according to data from Omdia.

The company shipped around 19.5 million iPhone 11 models in the first quarter of the year, spurred on by its cheaper price tag.

“For more than five years–even amid shifting conditions in the wireless market and the global economy–one thing has remained consistent in the smartphone business: Apple has taken either the first or second rank in Omdia’s global model shipment ranking,” the firm said.

“Apple’s success is the result of its strategy to offer relatively few models. This has allowed the company to focus its efforts on a small number of products that appeal to a broad selection of consumers and sell in extremely high volumes.”

The iPhone 11 was followed by the Samsung Galaxy A51 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, which shipped 6.8 million units and 6.6 million units respectively – combined, less than the iPhone 11.

The iPhone XR, which is the predecessor of the iPhone 11 and saw major price cuts earlier this year, managed to ship 4.7 million units. Apple also shipped around 4.2 million iPhone 11 Pro Max models and 3.8 million iPhone 11 Pro models, demonstrating its overall popularity.

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