iPhone 12 “better than any other phone” in terms of drop performance

Apple’s new iPhone 12 is reportedly better than any other phone in terms of drop test performance, according to insurance firm Allstate, following their own independent testing.

According to Allstate, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro both survived three six-feet drop tests on rough concrete floors – one front down, one side down, and one rear down, and each of the phones maintained its functionality afterwards.

That doesn’t mean they were without their challenges, though – these iPhones suffered damage as a result of a rear drop.

Speaking of the tests, a spokesperson for Allstate said: “The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro performed better than any previously tested smartphone. The Ceramic Shield front is a huge improvement. That said, both phones were damaged when dropped on a sidewalk.  Given their hefty repair costs, we encourage everyone to use a protective case and treat their new iPhone 12 with the care you would give an expensive camera.

“During facedown Breakability Drop Tests, the Ceramic Shield screen improved durability, though both devices sustained damage after landing on a rough sidewalk from 6 feet.”

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