iPhone 12 to feature Lightning connector, iPhone 13 no port at all

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 will ship with a Lightning connector over a rumored USB-C option, according to new insiders, but next year’s iPhone will feature no charging port at all.

According to choco_bit on Twitter, who has previously reported upcoming Apple leaks and product information correctly, Apple had been planning to move to USB-C over its Lightning port, but has since had a change of heart and will now switch to no charging port from 2021.

Speaking on Twitter, Fudge said: “Shame the USB-c prototype iPhone 12’s aren’t making it to production. 1 more year of lightning.”

“Oh well, at least smart connector on 13 series,” the insider added in a followup.

This is the first time that the 2021 iPhone, the iPhone 13, has been included in a rumor.

It was previously reported that Apple would drop the Lightning connector back in 2017 with the iPhone 8, but the company ultimately decided consumers still needed a port for charging.

Other insiders, including John Prosser, also believe Apple will go portless in 2021, which will improve the water-resistance of the device and offer more internal space for batteries and other hardware, such as technology required to improve Apple’s long-rumored AR outing.

Twitter user choco_bit has previously revealed leaks of the new iPhone 12, suggesting that Apple will introduce a three-camera system with LiDAR on the Pro models, reduce the size of the notch on the device, and introduce new widgets on the home screen with iOS 14.

We won’t know for sure whether these rumors are true until Apple officially announces the new iPhone 12 in a special event this September or October, but with several high-profile insiders sharing reports that correspond to these, they’re all-but-confirmed at this point.

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