iPhone 14: All the rumors about the 2022 new model

iPhone 14 Pro render | Rumored mockup

Apple has been rolling out new phones yearly, with an average of three new phones have come out every year for the past few years. 

The reason behind their high development and the multitude of yearly iPhones is simple. Apple wants to cater to all budgets and most preferences, and three phones are the most efficient number for that. With Apple moving its iPhone production to multiple countries, we can only anticipate that the new iPhone is on its way.

The iPhone 14 lineup is extremely anticipated since it is rumored that there will be many more innovative changes being made to the upcoming phones, including some model changes. 

There is a high standard that Apple needs to reach with this new lineup since they have been one of the top leading companies for smartphones for the past decade or so, and whenever there is a rumor of innovation customers get excited, which is another reason why technology is a solid career path.

The models that are on their way

There has been word going around that Apple is dropping the “Mini” models after two years of consistent disappointment for the company regarding sales. There is a market for small phone lovers, but sadly not one that’s large enough.

Ever since the release of the iPhone 12 Mini, these 5.4-inch smartphones haven’t been seen in the best limelight, with Chinese iPhone sales reports showing the Mini at around 5% of all sales for the 13 series. 

If this statistic isn’t a large enough blow to the tiny phone model, global sales for the iPhone 12 Mini showed that it sold less than 20% compared to the iPhone 12. The numbers show it is in Apple’s best interest to make the switch.

To replace the Mini, Apple is going to be adding a 6.7-inch phone in its place, which will most likely be the iPhone 14 Max. This will be a satisfying revelation to larger phone enthusiasts looking for a great phone that isn’t above $1,000.

So here is what the lineup is likely to look like: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max or Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Pro rumor blueprint

The upcoming designs 

We are in the midst of new iPhone designs after consecutively similar phones being put out for the past couple of years. There have been rumors that the new iPhone 14 models will follow the popularly beloved flat and sharp edges for its new models, giving them the well-known sleek feel.

Another tidbit that has been circulating the crowds is that those above-mentioned sleek edges will be made of titanium rather than aluminum, meaning they will be much more resistant to any damage that may bestow these expensive gadgets.

As for buttons, the new phones may come with more buttons than their predecessor. Apple is rumored to be adding a mute button, as well as rounded buttons to adjust volume, reminiscent of the iPhone 4.

Countless companies have been on a nostalgia kick recently, especially with late contemporary designs also coming back into style, so the inspiration the company is drawing from its most famous smartphone that revolutionized the industry was foreseeable.

The most noticeable change that is being said will happen is the cameras will no longer protrude from the back of the phone, which will be a satin-glass finish. This is being mentioned only for the iPhone 14 Pro models though, with the non-pro models retaining previous design characteristics.

What will come in place of the notch you ask? Apple is most likely to hop on the cutout trend that every other company is using, with certain speculative schematics showing a longer, oval-shaped cutout and a small circle next to it, though only time will tell on this matter.


On the question of displays, the dimensions have already been mentioned, but what about the refresh rates?

There are many coinciding rumors circulating the crowds, with some saying all phones from the line will come with an LTPO 120Hz display akin to the iPhone 13.

On the other hand, some rumors have the normal iPhone 14 to 60Hz and the Pro model to be 120Hz. The most eye-catching speculation is the normal iPhone 14 coming equipped with 90Hz displays.

Touch ID is also said to be making a comeback to the new iPhones, with its becoming embedded under the display, though this too has been debated by big names within the crowds of leakers and gossip.

iPhone 14 Pro design enters early-stage production in February


The cameras will obviously be some of the best found in the market, with gossip stating that the new Pro models might come with a 48MP lens instead of the 12MP found on the iPhone 13, though that is currently still debatable. 

Battery and chipset

As we all know, TSMC produces the chips designed by Apple for their phones, and everyone is hoping for the new iPhone 14 to get the A16 chip, which is said to be smaller at 4 nanometers instead of 5. Some are saying the non-pro phones will still be getting the A15, which makes sense regarding pricing.

As for RAM, all new phones will come equipped with 6Gb. As for storage, we can expect the same storage options as we’ve had on the iPhone 13 so far.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max | New renders, mockup

Any specification these phones come with will still attract sales since they are so high quality and well-designed, which is something many people are looking for innovation in. The biggest wish most people have for this lineup is for the phones to have a new chipset and a new design, so let’s hope Apple delivers as usual.

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