iPhone 14 Pro offers the best mobile gaming experience yet

iPhone 14 Pro

Now that the early adopters and tech heads have had a few weeks to properly try them out, the real user opinions on the iPhone 14 are starting to drip in. These days, the most important properties of a phone have little to do with communication, which is almost becoming a peripheral function for a smartphone. Today, it is all about gaming.

Anyone aged 50 or below has grown up in the gaming age, and even those a little older have at least a few games installed on their phones. Gaming is becoming the most popular pastime of the age, and mobile gaming represents more than 50 percent of the overall gaming market. So how does Apple’s new flagship handset stand up against the competition?

Setting the standard

Prior to the 14’s release, respected reviewer Tom’s Guide rated the iPhone 13 as this year’s best gaming phone, so Apple is already setting the benchmark. The 14 uses the same A15 Bionic chipset as the iPhone 13 Pro, while the 14 Pro features the new A16 Bionic.

Initial tests suggest there is only a marginal difference between the two, but some of today’s mobile games put huge demands on the processor, from the rapid movements and rich textures of Real Racing 3 to mobile casino iPhone games, that feature live studio streams of real-time games like roulette or blackjack. Games like these have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, and mobile casino is one of the leading game categories for iPhone users.

The 16 Bionic-powered iPhone 14 Pro has marginally superior frames-per-second than the standard 14, but you would be hard-pushed to spot the difference, and that in itself would probably not justify the extra $200. However, there is more to being a great gaming phone than having the latest greatest chipset.

Real Racing 3


The ProMotion screen with 120Hz refresh rate on the 14 Pro is the best in class and is enhanced by brightness weighing in at an impressive 1,354 nits HDR and 993 nits SDR. That compares with just 60Hz and 756 nits HDR, 757 nits SDR on the iPhone 14. Suddenly, we start to see some real extra value in the 14 Pro, assuming you play games that support the superior refresh rate.


We all know that gaming can give even the best smartphone battery a hammering. Lab tests performed by Tom’s Guide showed that the iPhone 14 scored well here, delivering just under nine and a half hours of playing time, while the Pro was marginally superior, continuing for an additional 45 minutes. 

It is worth noting, however, that both are eclipsed by the 13 Pro, which boasts a battery life of more than 12 hours.

iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max leads the pack

Dedicated gamers who enjoy games that place heavy demands on the processor will know that the iPhone 14 has a tough act to follow given the rave reviews the 13 continued to receive just a few weeks ago.

The 14 has continued to raise the bar, and the 14 Pro is worth the extra investment for that 120Hz display.

However, for those who are unconcerned about buying the very latest model, this could be the ideal time to pick up the outgoing iPhone 13 Pro. Spec-wise, it is very similar to the 14, and the battery life is in another league.

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