iPhone 14 will ship with older version of iOS 16


Apple will reportedly ship the new iPhone 14 with an outdated version of iOS 16.

According to AppleSWUpdates, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will ship to consumers with an older iOS 16 build that predates the official build. Once users have set up their new iPhones, they’ll be prompted by Apple to update to the latest version of iOS 16 before accessing their devices, which is an unusual move as the models typically ship up to date.

It’s thought that the general release version of iOS 16 fixes a bug that can cause some issues to appear soft when zooming. It’s also believed that the new Apple Watch Series 8 with cellular connectivity will require an update on day one, but not the WiFi version.

Although this is an unusual situation, it’s not actually the first time that a new iPhone has shipped with an older or outdated version of the software. Apple typically gets software ready weeks before the official launch of the iOS update and iPhone, and devices must be loaded with the operating system installed before they are shipped to the US.

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