iPhone 15 Boasts Enhanced 5G with Qualcomm’s X70 Modem Apple's latest iPhone 15 range has embraced Qualcomm’s new X70 modem, enhancing its 5G performance.

iPhone 15 Pro

This upgrade is not exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro but extends to the standard iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus.

Shahram Mokhtari from iFixit spotlighted this significant upgrade on Twitter. He highlighted Apple’s initiative in not merely recycling previous Pro logic boards for the current baseline models.

Rather, Apple has been proactive in updating them. This development underscores Apple’s commitment to maintaining the latest components in its logic boards across its product line, emphasizing the continual push for advancements.

The entire iPhone 15 series, including the Pro versions, now incorporate Qualcomm’s X70 modem. This follows the previous trend, where all the iPhone 14 models were equipped with Qualcomm’s X65 modem.

SpeedSmart’s benchmark tests last month illustrated the substantial enhancements brought by the X70 modem. According to their findings, the iPhone 15 showcases up to a 24% boost in 5G speeds compared to the iPhone 14 series. Among the carriers, Verizon users upgrading to the iPhone 15 will experience the most notable speed enhancements, trailed by T-Mobile and AT&T subscribers.

The new X70 modem in the iPhone 15 promises not just speed, but also efficiency. Users can expect reduced power consumption, improved 5G carrier aggregation, and enhanced performance in areas distant from cell towers.

It is worth noting that Qualcomm’s X70 modem is also the power behind several top-tier Android smartphones. Meanwhile, Apple is forging ahead with plans to create its proprietary 5G modems.

Although this endeavor might take a few more years to materialize, a recent announcement from Qualcomm confirmed Apple’s commitment to utilize Qualcomm 5G modems in iPhones at least until 2026.

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