iPhone 15 Discovery in Regulatory Database The much-anticipated iPhone 15 may have been discovered in India's regulatory database. This discovery, less than a month before the expected official unveiling, hints at the imminent launch of the device. Notably, this marks the first instance where production of a new iPhone model has started outside of China prior to the announcement.

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The iPhone 15 has seemingly been identified in the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) database. This exciting development comes close to Apple’s anticipated announcement, mirroring last year’s detection of an iPhone 14 model in the BIS database a few weeks before its launch. That model turned out to be the standard iPhone 14 model, built for various countries and regions.

The latest discovery by MySmartPrice pertains to an Apple device with the model number A3094, spotted in the BIS database. Considering that the iPhone 14 has model numbers ranging from A2649 to A2884, and no current Apple device holds the model number A3094, there is strong evidence to suggest this might indeed be the iPhone 15. If this holds true, it marks the first official sighting of the device.

Adding to the intrigue, Bloomberg recently reported that production of the iPhone 15 has started in India, marking the first occasion that a new iPhone model’s production has started outside of China before its formal announcement. It is highly probable that the device registered in the BIS is the very same model now being mass-produced on Indian soil.

Such sightings of new Apple products in regulatory databases have historically been reliable indicators of an impending launch.

The current buzz around the iPhone 15, coupled with insights from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, supports the speculation that Apple plans to announce the new lineup at an event scheduled for Tuesday, September 12.

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