iPhone 15 Shipment Speed Sparks Product Mix Concerns The iPhone 15 range has been witnessing a notable decrease in delivery lead times, sparking concerns about a potential weaker iPhone product mix for 2023.

According to J.P. Morgan’s Product Availability Tracker, as of October 1, the third week showed a decrease in delivery lead times for both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models. Fast forward to October 8, and a similar trend was observed.

Current average global delivery lead times place the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus at 15 days each, down from the 17 days noted in the previous week. The iPhone 15 Pro remains at a steady 29 days, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max showed a decrease from 46 days to 35 days.

Drawing a comparison, the iPhone 14 range had delivery times of two days, six days, 33 days, and 40 days for its respective models during a similar period.

This year’s prolonged average days for non-Pro models, paired with the shorter lead times for the Pro variants, might be indicative of a possible shift in consumer preferences.

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Two consecutive weeks of decreasing figures emphasize the potential of these longer lead times being driven primarily by initial order momentum or supply availability, which seems to be diminishing now.

The report suggests that these trends might hint at a sales mix within the iPhone 15 series that’s divergent from previous launches. The implication is a higher proportion of sales skewing towards the more budget-friendly models.

Regionally, US lead times remained consistent at 15 days for the non-Pro models. However, the Pro variant observed a slight increase to 29 days from the previous 28 days, while the Pro Max decreased from 54 days to 36 days.

In China, there was a significant drop in lead times for the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, now standing at 14 and 15 days respectively, down from the 21 days noted a week before. The Pro remains at 29 days, whereas the Pro Max reduced to 36 days from the previous 43 days.

Europe showed similar patterns. In Germany, non-Pro models maintained a steady 15-day delivery time, but the Pro and Pro Max models dropped to 30 and 37 days, respectively.

The UK’s stats were fairly consistent, with the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus at 15 days, the Pro reducing slightly to 26 days, and the Pro Max dropping from 44 days to 33 days.

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