iPhone 16 Pro Display to Feature Advanced OLED for Increased Brightness The iPhone 16 Pro is set to feature significantly brighter displays thanks to Samsung’s latest OLED technology, enhancing visibility in bright conditions.

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The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to have improved display brightness compared to its predecessors, amid a report indicating that Samsung will supply advanced OLED panels for three new phone models this year.

Display brightness, measured in nits, indicates how bright a screen appears. There are two key measurements: max brightness, which is the maximum possible overall display brightness, and peak brightness, which is the highest brightness possible in a limited area.

The latter of those measures is relevant for high dynamic range (HDR) content. However, when it comes to how bright a display will look in typical use, max brightness is the better measure.

The current iPhone 15 Pro has a max brightness of 1,000 nits and a peak brightness of 1,600 nits. In May, a leaker suggested that the iPhone 16 Pro will maintain the same peak brightness but increase max brightness by 20% to 1,200 nits, enhancing visibility in bright sunlight.

Another report indicated that Apple’s primary display suppliers, Samsung and LG, recommended using micro lens array technology.

MLA Woled Tech | OLED LED Micro Lens
MLA Woled Tech | OLED LED Micro Lens

This technology adds a layer of lenses to focus light more narrowly, making the display appear brighter, though at the expense of viewing angle.

A recent report from The Elec states that Samsung will supply Apple and Google with its most advanced OLED panels, using high-performance materials from the ‘M’ series.

The first of these materials, the M14, is expected to deliver superior brightness and longevity.

While it is unclear whether Apple will adopt the micro lens array technology due to its reduced viewing angle, the prospect of Samsung’s advanced OLED panels being used promises a significant upgrade in display brightness for the iPhone 16 Pro.

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