iPhone 16 Pro Models Set to Shine with New Titanium Finish Apple is rumored to be enhancing the finish on its iPhone 16 Pro models with a new titanium treatment, aiming for a more sophisticated appearance.

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The latest buzz from Korea hints at Apple adopting a novel method for the titanium finish on its iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. This technique is expected to impart a polished look that surpasses the brushed finish of its iPhone 15 Pro predecessors. Sourced from the Naver blog through the account “yeux1122”, this information suggests a significant aesthetic upgrade.

The new finishing process is believed to give the iPhone 16 Pro models a glossy sheen reminiscent of the polished stainless steel found on earlier Pro iPhones, but with the added advantage of being more resistant to scratches. This marks a departure from the brushed finish of the iPhone 15 Pro models, which, while less reflective, offered benefits in terms of reduced fingerprint marks and less visible scratches.

Notably, the introduction of a titanium frame in the iPhone 15 Pro series not only enhanced the devices’ aesthetic appeal but also contributed to a lighter weight, making these models about nine percent lighter than their iPhone 14 Pro counterparts.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro
Apple iPhone 15 Pro | Color Lineup

Moreover, Apple has indicated that the combination of a titanium frame with an aluminum substructure enhances heat dissipation, outperforming the thermal management capabilities of previous models with stainless steel frames.

Further stirring the rumor mill, there’s talk of the iPhone 16 Pro models debuting in new color options, including “space black” and “rose” titanium, with “rose” being a sophisticated shade of gold. These additions are poised to offer consumers more variety and potentially replace existing color options. Apple is anticipated to unveil the iPhone 16 series in the fall, continuing its tradition of yearly updates and innovations.

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