iPhone 16 to See Face ID Design Changes Apple plans to alter the Face ID design for the iPhone 16 lineup, impacting its supply chain.

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Reports indicate Apple is modifying the Face ID design for the iPhone 16, causing significant disruptions for its supply chain partners.

It has been claimed that semiconductor company Coherent has been considering selling or repurposing a plant in North East England after Apple canceled a major supply deal. The Cupertino company’s decision stems from upcoming changes in the iPhone 16’s Face ID system.

DigiTimes reported that the Face ID components, previously supplied by the Coherent plant in the small English town of Newton Aycliffe, will no longer be needed due to design changes in the iPhone 16, expected in late 2024.

Specifics on the new design are unclear, and these adjustments might not affect the Face ID functionality.

The iPhone 16 and 16 Pro are anticipated to maintain the iPhone 15’s design ethos, while also featuring slightly larger screens. The entire iPhone 16 lineup, meanwhile, will reportedly get a new “Capture button”.

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With regard to the longer term, Apple is reportedly working on the development of under-screen Face ID technology for the iPhone. However, previous reports have indicated that we might be waiting until 2027 or later for such tech to appear on an Apple smartphone.


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