iPhone 4 2009 Prototype Shows Up on Ebay

According to Macrumors.com, an early 2009 iPhone 4 prototype has appeared on an e-bay auction that runs Apple’s private in-house diagnostics software.

“A number of high-quality photos are included with the listing, showing a complete lack of Apple branding on the exterior of the device. Most notably, the Apple logo has been replaced with a distinct logo that was previously seen in a Twitpic posting in February 2010. The standard “iPhone” text on the rear of the device has also been replaced by “Prototype”, along with text noting that the device has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission and can not be sold until such authorization is granted.”

Production of this phone was the 43rd week of 2009 which works out to be about eight months before the iPhone 4 was available to the public. In a time when we are just around the corner from the announcement of the current next gen iPhone, is this perfect timing to auction off an iPhone 4 test phone?

The seller has set a $10,000 price point, where if someone decides to pay 10K, the seller will end the auction and award that person the prototype. An iPhone 4 early production prototype is worth a lot to some people, and not having any Apple branding on the device makes it even more tempting. Would you pony up $10,000 dollars to secure this piece of Apple tech memorabilia?

Photo Source: Macrumors.com

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