iPhone 5 Benchmarks Outperform Everything

The results are in, according to Geekbench, and the iPhone 5 is literally reigning supreme over all other devices that have currently been rated on the popular benchmarking website. According to the group, the iPhone 5 put up some staggeringly impressive benchmarks, surpassing the marks of any device or product that the group has currently rated in the category of mobile handsets. In other words, this is good news for Apple and some pretty bad news for their competitors.

Take for example Samsung, which has actively been seeking to topple Apple from its mobile throne with the release of its large and in charge Galaxy S3. These numbers are probably nails on a chalkboard for the company, considering that they have been in intensive legal battles as of late with Apple’s law sector. The last thing they need is for the tech giant to get any sort of edge over their new products.

This may however, be a good thing for Microsoft, who is gearing up to release their highly anticipated Windows 8 mobile device later this year. This gives the rival an opportunity to study Apple’s impressive stats and figure out if they need to give their upcoming release a boost in hardware or not.

Opinions aside, the real story here is all about the numbers;


These numbers came from an iPhone 5 running a dual-core ARMv7 processor that was clocked at 1.02GHz. The phone was also running Apple’s new iOS 6 operating system at the time of the test and boasted 1-gigabyte of RAM. But what exactly do all these numbers mean and why is that 1601 rating such a impressive feat?

Well for one, no iOS device has ever manged to break the 800 rating for a benchmark score. The new iPad HD posted a meager in comparison score of 734 and the iPhone 4S looks downright weak at 631. It wasn’t just iOS either, the iPhone 5 reportedly brushed right past the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Android Nexus 7 Tablet.

The question here though, is whether or not these numbers are actually true. There has been speculation about the device that Geekbench used to measure these stats and whether or not the actual shipped Apple device will match these stats.

Photo Credit: Geekbench

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