iPhone 5 Blueprints for the DIY-er

Are you the type that would just prefer to build it or fix it yourself rather than pay the big bucks to have it done professionally? Do you just like to have that pride of knowing you accomplished something big? And are you trying to avoid the now long wait for that iPhone 5? Just for you, Apple has released the blueprints for the iPhone 5.

Blueprints? That’s right blueprints. I think it’s probably the only thing of the iPhone 5 that wasn’t released as a rumor ahead of the actual announcement this past Wednesday. I’m not altogether sure why they would release it, as we know they’re not very fond of the copycats. However, the URL for the full blueprints has the word “CASES” in it, so assumably these are for case manufacturers.

However, if you have nothing to do for the next several months and love a good challenge, and think you can do it even better than Apple, go ahead and make a DIY project out of it. Kind of like the guy who built the working version of WALL-E. And if you do, let us know here at AppleMagazine.com.


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