iPhone 5c and 5s Global Release

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Today marks the global release of the new iPhone models, Australia being the first out of 11 countries to get the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s on store shelves.  The iPhone 5c has been available for preorder for about a week, but Apple has not yet released any advanced order figures.  It could be that many Apple customers are waiting to purchase the 5s rather than the 5c because the model is the more changed of the two.  The 5c “uses essentially the same specifications as the iPhone 5” but is less expensive and is encased in bright plastic.


When the iPhone 5 came out last year, Apple boasted that preorders “topped 2 million within the first 24 hours” of release. According to one source, preorders for the 5c in Australia aren’t anywhere near last year’s preorder numbers for the iPhone 5.  It’s uncertain when those numbers will be reported.  Additionally, the 5s, which was not available for preorder, is apparently in short supply in Australia.  When sales went online for the phone, “it was already showing a seven to ten day lead time compared to one to three days for the 5c.”  The pushback may be a precursor to 5s inventory in other countries, but it’s uncertain whether this is actually the case.  Customers should keep in mind, though, that shipping times for either of the iPhones could easily change.

The iPhone models are also being released in China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, France, Puerto Rico, the U.S. and the U.K.  Shipping times in the United States and Canada are one to three days; in France and Germany, five days; and in other countries, seven to ten days.  

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