iPhone 6 Launch Date Confirmed, Scheduled for September 9th

apple-iphone-6-release-date-nearsThere has been much speculation about when exactly the iPhone 6 is schedule to debut in September. Predictions have been falling between the second and third week of the month. But the guessing game is over: our reliable source is saying that the new iPhone is slated for release at a big media event on September 9th, falling well within the timeframe that tech reporters and enthusiasts have estimated. Other news sites, such as the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, have confirmed the date as well.

The timing of the iPhone 6’s release is in keeping with Apple’s behavior over the past few years. Typically, new phones are announced at an event in early to mid-September, and sales begin near the end of the month. The trend was seen last year as the iPhones 5s and 5c debuted on the second Tuesday of September.

What seems odd about the release of the iPhone 6 is not the date of the event but the date that the phone hits store shelves. According to a source that spoke with MacRumors, the new iPhone will not be available for purchase at the end of September as expected. Citing an internal Apple Retail Store meeting, the source stated that the rollout date for the phone is October 14th, well over a month after the phone’s introduction.

Not only is the rumored rollout date unusually late for Apple, but the weekday is at odds with the company’s usual strategy. October 14th is a Tuesday, unexpected considering that, historically, Apple releases its new phone on a Friday in order to take advantage of the weekend shopping rush.

The belated rollout could be due to a production problem. According to one source, Apple is requesting 70 million to 80 million units of two iPhone 6 models. This is a huge order for any manufacturer, and it is believable that there could have been a hiccup in the order.

The late date could also be due to an onslaught of products that Apple is trying to prepare for launch. After all, no truly new products have been introduced yet this year, and it’s already August. Apple could simply be preparing for a huge product rollout. The idea is plausible considering what SVP Eddy Cue said at the Code Conference in May. He commented that the product line Apple has up its sleeve for this year “is the most impressive one he’s seen in 25 years.” Whether the rollout date is in October as predicted or in September as is typical of Apple, there will be time for the company to kick off a “broader reboot” of its product line in time for the holidays.

So what can we expect of the iPhone 6? And what else does Apple have coming down the pipeline?

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