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The new iPhone could be one of the most important devices in Apple’s history. With the the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c simple updates to previous models, there’s a lot of pressure heaped on the iPhone 6. Some of you might have been expecting the iPhone 6 to have debuted in 2013, but given the iPhone’s history  from the 3G onwards, there’s always been a half-model before the next generation iPhone, in this case the 5s and 5c.

Predicted iPhone 6 appearance
Release Date

The iPhone 6 release date still unclear. Here’s what is most likely to happen: at WWDC in June this year we’ll see the obvious release of iOS 8, but also a larger-screened tablet as Apple looks to rival competing markets like the Galaxy Note 3. It is possible that the iPhone 6 may be released in September this year, particularly since many past generation phones have been released during that month. However, we cannot say with any certainty that this will actually happen. It’s also predicted that the iPhone 6 could be priced at $299 under a contract, $100 more than what Apple charges for the iPhone 5s. This will allow it to both bring a new product to the market as well as keeping its schedule safe. This is reported up by KDB Daewoo Securities, which does have an accurate record in Apple leaks.

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