iPhone 6 Screen Not Such a Gem After All


With the anticipation for the next generation of iPhone come rumors and ridiculous YouTube videos. It has long been speculated whether or not Apple will use sapphire crystal material for the iPhone 6’s screen. However, videos by Marques Brownlee and Unbox Therapy tell a different story.

Sapphire is not a new material to Apple. The company already uses sapphire for the home button of the iPhone 5s. So the rumors that Apple would manufacture its next iPhone with a sapphire crystal screen were not unfounded. YouTuber Marques Brownlee performed a scratch test using an alleged iPhone 6 screen and found that the test results were inconsistent with the rumors. As he shows in his video, the screen is not as hard as pure sapphire.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that Apple may not have made this screen (if it is, indeed, an actual iPhone 6 screen) with pure sapphire for financial reasons. The screen may very well be a flexible material with a sapphire crystal coating that, though not as hard as pure sapphire, holds up fairly well against scratching while still maintaining affordability.

Unbox Therapy’s video featuring Joe Rogan does not give a good estimate of the iPhone 6 screen’s durability just because the situation the testers create is so outlandish. If you want to watch an iPhone screen shatter just for fun, this is the video you’ll want to watch. But, unless you’re Robin Hood, don’t expect your iPhone to be pierced by a flying arrow any time soon.

To sum up the two videos, the iPhone 6 screen will be extremely durable and strong even if it is not made out of pure sapphire. The material of the screen looks like it will hold up just fine to everyday handling and scratching.

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