iPhone 6S Storage to Start at 16GB, New Image Suggests

As media files and applications used by iOS devices have increased in size in recent years, it has been increasingly suggested that Apple’s tradition of continuing to offer base storage of 16GB in iPhones will soon be a thing of the past. Or will it? A freshly-published photo of a prototype logic board for the next iPhone actually hints at the contrary.

The photo is one of many of that logic board posted today by 9TO5Mac. Having analyzed the Toshiba Flash Memory chip in the image and also received confirmation from patent and technology company Chipworks, 9TO5Mac has reached the conclusion that the chip’s capacity is 16GB. However, the news website acknowledges that, judging from previous practice, Apple could still have opted to up the handset’s minimum capacity before production was underway.

Further evidence that the iPhone 6S could indeed come in a 16GB model is a recent comment by Apple’s Senior Vice President Phil Schiller that 16GB remains practical for many iPhone users, as cloud-based services like iCloud reduce the necessity for an abundance of physical storage.

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