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iPhone 7 Attracting High Number of Switchers from Android

It looks like especially unique features of the iPhone 7, including its high level of water resistance and the Plus model’s dual-lens camera, have led many users to switch from the Android operating system.

According to a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners and cited by 9to5Mac, the first month of retail availability for the iPhone 7 series saw about 17% of iPhone buyers coming from Google’s mobile OS. Last year’s iPhone 6S cycle had seen an even better 26% switching from Android.

At recent earnings calls, Apple has often drawn attention to the fruits of its work to attract Android switchers. However, it appears that the iPhone is also helping to further kill off what little remains of the smartphone market’s other operating systems; according to CIRP’s report, 5% of new iPhone buyers had previously used these systems, such as BlackBerry and Windows.

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