iPhone 7 to Have “More Complex” Design Than Older Models?

Taiwanese suppliers are said to have started peculiarly early with this year’s recruitment drives for assembling upcoming iPhone models. This is supposedly necessary because the iPhone 7 will come with a “more complex” design in comparison to its predecessors.

CNBC reports the claim, made earlier today by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, that Apple suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron have “ramped up” hiring. In fact, for both companies, this hiring has commenced at least a month ahead of the usual yearly schedule… but why?

The Economic Daily News has explained that, due to the more elaborate design of the iPhone 7, assembling staff require more training than usual in order to handle the upcoming handset’s parts. This revelation might initially surprise, considering various leaks suggesting that the iPhone 7 would adhere to an exterior appearance similar to that of the iPhone 6S.

However, in light of these leaks, it is probable that these more sophisticated parts are intended for the phone’s innards, rather than its outer casing. It has previously been rumored that the iPhone 7 could be waterproof, which might not necessitate a big revamp of the exterior design.

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