iPhone 7 to Have Larger Camera and Two Speakers, Photos Hint

iPhone 7 to Sport Larger Camera and Two Speakers, Leaks Hint

Today has seen the emergence of a number of new photos allegedly showing the shell of the iPhone 7 – and they hint that a larger camera and double speakers could feature in that 4.7-inch handset.

This morning, NowhereElse.fr editor Steve Hemmerstoffer recalled: “Last week, one of my valuable contacts within Pegatron subcontractor factories told me that mass production of the iPhone 7 had slowly started.” He then revealed two photos, sourced from Weibo, of the supposed iPhone 7, with a larger rear camera sensor, and iPhone 7 Plus, with a long-rumored double-lens back shooter.

Later today, Hemmerstoffer posted two further photos, also from the Chinese social media site Weibo, of purportedly the enclosure for the gold 4.7-inch iPhone 7. One of the images once again shows a larger camera lens; the other reveals, at the casing’s bottom edge and along with the expected absence of a 3.5mm headphone jack, the presence of what look like grilles for double speakers!

While all of the parts in these photos could still plausibly be prototypes or fakes, should mass production of the iPhone 7 series have indeed recently began, this boosts the likelihood of these parts’ authenticity.

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