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iPhone 7 Unlikely to Fit iPhone 6S Cases, New Report Says

While this year’s iPhone 7 will not see sweeping design changes, or so rumor suggests, there will likely remain a few minor design tweaks sufficient to render iPhone 6S cases incompatible, says Macotakara.

The Japanese site claims that, recently, some makers of protective screen films have stopped receiving orders through the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. Apparently, this is due to belief that the iPhone 7’s proximity sensor will be switched to “dual specification”, while the ambient light sensor’s location will go to the right side; it is currently on the left with the iPhone 6S.

Macotakara also reports that this ambient light sensor will come with “a slightly longer receiver”. This could refer to the ear speaker – though it is said that Macotakara was unable to shed further light on this particular part when AppleInsider pressed the news site further on the confusing reference.

Still, the report concludes: “While there may not be large design changes, it will probably be difficult to keep using the same cases and films.”

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