An iPhone 8 dummy model is finally here

The time is almost upon us…..the prospective launch date of the iPhone 8. This means that printed mock ups, clones and dummy models have been circulating widely and have given us a fair idea of what to expect from the next edge-to-edge OLED device.

MacRumors have finally got their hands on a high quality dummy model of the iPhone 8 and have created a hands-on video to demonstrate what the fuss is all about and how it measures up to existing devices.

This iPhone 8 dummy is silver with a glass backing. On the front is an edge-to-edge panel and both the front and back are incased in a stainless steel frame that matches the silver of the body. Other dummy models available include colors of deep black and copper gold.

As many rumors have suggested, there are thin bezels at the front of the device, with a top notch that houses the speaker, front-facing camera and sensors that will allow for the new facial recognition feature.

On one side is an elongated power button while on the other is the standard volume buttons and mute switch. At the bottom there is a lightning port and speaker but no headphone jack.

The iPhone 8 is only slightly larger than its predecessor the iPhone 7 but much smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus although the display size remains the same due to its lack of thick bezels. The smooth glass back is believed to be an inductive charging feature that can be used with wireless charging accessories.

Of course, this dummy model may not be exactly what the new device will look like but leaked factory specifications, CAD drawings and the information that was recently leaked from the HomePod firmware make us quite confident that it won’t be far off.

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