iPhone 8 to Have OLED Display Better Than Any From Samsung?

Samsung’s smartphones are the most successful with OLED screens, but Apple apparently intends to deliver an iPhone 8 with better OLED resolution than anything on offer from the South Korean firm.

According to a new report by The Wall Street Journal today, Apple’s suppliers claim to have been asked to boost their output of thinner OLED displays. Furthermore, they are said to have been tasked with submitting “prototype screens with better resolution than ones from Samsung”.

This is to enable Apple to “differentiate its models”. Sources have told WSJ that, while an OLED-equipped iPhone could feature as one of several new iPhone models launching next year, it would have a higher price tag due to the relatively high expense of making OLED panels. Nonetheless, with Apple reportedly considering over 10 iPhone prototypes in total, the company might still end up pulling the plug on this OLED iPhone.

The sources also said that, while Apple will likely initially turn to Samsung for most of its OLED requirements, it wants other suppliers, namely LG Display, Japan Display and Sharp, to boost production in order to ready supplies for 2018.

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