iPhone Gets Updated Vimeo App

Vimeo is proving the old adage if you want something done right, you'll just have to do it yourself. They have rebuilt the iPhone App, and this time they have done the work in-house. Doing so has removed all the extraneous options and left the bared-boned options, the things we really need. Watch, upload, save, and share. Is there really anything else we need in a video app?

It seems as if Vimeo is taking advantage of Apple getting rid of the iOS dedicated YouTube app. If you're just looking to spend some time looking up videos or what to post to Facebook, you can do this through Vimeo just as easy as you could on YouTube, and there's a dedicated app to do so.

Granted, Vimeo doesn't have near the catalog that YouTube does, yet you could still sit and watch it forever and never run out of entertaining videos, just like YouTube. Sharing works just the same as well, allowing you to share to Facebook or Twitter with just one tap, or send through email or an iMessage. You can also create your own playlist or “Watch Later” as you would on YouTube and add your own videos that are stored on your device, and you aren't stuck waiting for the upload. You can watch other videos while you wait.

iPad users, don't fret. Vimeo promises they're hard at work making adjustments to the iPad app. You will just have to wait your turn. This app update is all for iPhone users, but like most apps, it can still be used on the iPad.


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