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iPhone loyalty falls to lowest levels since 2011, according to new survey

More users switching to Samsung devices

iPhone owners’ loyalty has fallen to its lowest levels since 2011, according to a new survey.

According to a BankMyCell report cited by CNET, 73% of consumers who traded in their old iPhone have switched to a later model, with the rest moving on to rival brands like Samsung.

That figure is still healthy, but down from Apple’s peak loyalty, which was 92% back in 2017.

The data suggests retention is down 15.2% this year versus last March, according to the data which sampled 38,000 consumers in the United States.

On the other hand, just 7.7% of Samsung Galaxy S9 owners made the switch to an iPhone, despite the fact 18% of iPhone owners who left Apple opting for a Samsung device.

Of course, BankMyCell is just one trade-in website of the many available in the United States, and their data should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Their data also contradicts CIRP research which was issued in January, suggesting that iPhone loyalty was 91% and Android loyalty was a percentage point higher at 92%, though again this is based on sample data.

Consumers rarely make the leap from one platform to another because they’re worried about losing access to their favorite apps, as well as hardware integration and transferring data.

A consumer who has an Android phone and a Google Home might struggle to purchase an Apple Watch, for example, as they’d also need an iPhone for it to work and it would take them out of their “ecosystem comfort zone”.

Both Apple and Google have developed tools to help users transfer data from iOS to Android and vice versa, though it’s still a major leap.

Are you still an iPhone loyalist, or have Samsung’s innovations encouraged you to make the leap? Let us know on Twitter using @AppleMagazine and check back soon for more news.

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