iPhone remains the best-selling smartphone in

Apple remains the best-selling smartphone in China, according to new data.

Almost half of all smartphones sold in the country’s popular 6.18 shopping festival were iPhones, and Counterpoint Research has shared some interesting data that shows Apple’s strong lead in the country. However, local rivals are now on Apple’s toes.

Speaking of the news, Mengmeng Zhang said: “Apple did well in the $1,000 and above segment, recording 147% YoY increase, while Samsung also grew 133% YoY. Both these brands benefit from Huawei’s decline and the shift in purchase trends towards premium phones in China.”

When you compare Q2 2022 and Q2 2021, Apple has claimed from a 43% share of the market to a 48% share, whilst Vivo has grown from 6% to 13%.

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