iPhone sales in China grow 18% following iPhone 11 launch

Apple’s Chinese sales are continuing to grow, in part thanks to the launch of the iPhone 11.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the Cupertino company’s sales in China grew 18.7% year on year in December 2019, which equates to 3.18 million iPhones sold in the period.

That figure is based on calculations from government data on the smartphone shipments in the period, and the number of new Android smartphone activations during the same time.

The data comes from the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology.

One reason for the increase in sales and activations in recent months, according to Bloomberg, is Apple’s decision to launch the new iPhone 11, an “affordable” version of its premium iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Rather than selling the low-cost variant as an “XR” style device, giving the cheaper phone the iPhone 11 moniker helped to boost sales.

Apple made some huge improvements to its iPhone range in 2019, introducing a new smartphone trio with improved battery life, incredible camera quality, and stunning design.

As well as increased iPhone sales, Apple benefited from a cut in sales tax in China, allowing the company to reduce the price of its products, and despite challenges from the China-US trade relationship, the year rounded out on a more positive tone, increasing confidence.

Apple still has a long way to go if it wants to become a market leader in China, especially considering manufacturers including Huawei are local to the country.

But with the launch of a new iPhone 9-style smartphone soon, priced at $399, Apple could be on to another winner.

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