iPhone Sales to Skyrocket with 2017 iPhone, Analysts Predict

Rumors suggest that next year’s iPhone will be an even bigger step forward than the iPhone 7. If those rumours hold true, a “powder keg” of ageing in-use iPhones will help spark soaring growth of Apple’s smartphone sales, Cowen analyst Timothy Arcuri and his team have predicted.

As quoted by Business Insider, Arcuri reckons that the “iPhone 7 is proving an effective ‘bridge’ to the iPhone 10 super-cycle in ’17, where a powder keg of a dramatically aging installed base lurks just under the surface”. The next few quarters, he theorises, will see 43% of active iPhones reach over two years old.

The owners of these aging devices could therefore be tempted by features including a largely glass enclosure, iris recognition technology and a flexible in-built “e-SIM” – all of which have been rumoured for what Cowen curiously calls the “iPhone 10”, despite “iPhone 8” looking like a more likely name.

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