iPhone SE Has Parts Interchangeable with 5S’s, iFixit Finds

We already know that the 4-inch iPhone SE announced last week is, for the most part, an iPhone 5S with various iPhone 6S components. Now, a teardown by iFixit has revealed that the iPhone SE has several parts that are actually interchangeable with those of the much older iPhone 5S.

The site found that the new handset’s speaker, chassis, display assembly and SIM tray are all identical to those in the iPhone 5S. Furthermore, all of these parts can be swapped with those of the older phone, as they can be put into place in a “plug and play” manner.

However, the iPhone SE’s battery, which is 1,624 mAh to the 2013 model battery’s 1,560 mAh, cannot be so swapped, as the battery connectors differ between the two devices. Other parts which are not interchangeable include the rear camera, Lightning connector assembly and logic board.

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