iPhone SE’s RAM and Other Specs Allegedly Revealed by AnTuTu

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Though Apple has publicly revealed various details about the new 4-inch iPhone SE’s tech specs, a number of others might have only just been revealed on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

The iPhone SE won’t become commercially available until next week, but someone in China has supposedly, according to SlashGear, already obtained the handset and put it through the AnTuTu tech diagnostics software. And the revealed specs are impressive indeed…

Assuming that these specs are genuine, the iPhone SE comes with 2GB of RAM – the same as the iPhone 6S series and twice the RAM of the iPhone 6 series.

Unsurprisingly given the handset’s relatively low price starting at $399, there are some compromises in comparison to the iPhone 6S models. For example, as GSMArena.com notes, 3D Touch is omitted, the Touch ID sensor is the first generation type that debuted with the 2014 iPhones, while there’s a 1.2MP front camera in place of the 5MP variant on the iPhone 6S.

However, as a smaller iPhone that should comfortably support future iOS updates for years to come, the iPhone SE remains an absolute steal for its price.

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