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iPhone to Get Major Refresh Every 3 Years, Says New Report

While Apple has traditionally left two years between significant revamps of the iPhone line, a new report from Japan says that the firm is likely to move to a three-year major update cycle.

That report comes from the Japanese news outlet Nikkei, which attributes this shift to two factors: a slowing smartphone market and decreasing room for improvements with regard to smartphone functions. However, the story does not cite any external sources and so could be merely speculative.

Nikkei also echoes many other sources and news outlets in claiming that the new iPhone expected later this year “will look almost identical to the current iPhone 6”, adding that “the camera, water resistance and battery capacity will likely be improved.” However, it is unclear whether the newspaper is reporting this information from its own source or is simply pointing out what has already been openly predicted.

In common with various analysts, Nikkei also predicts “major enhancements and design changes” for the 2017 iPhone. However, it makes the fresh revelation that the device “will also be able to create more complex tactile vibrations on the display because of a tiny, but high-performance motor equipped inside.” This could suggest that Apple intends to even further refine its 3D Touch technology.

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