iPhone X design imagined on the MacBook, iMac, iPad and more

What if Apple brought the bezel-less design of the iPhone X to its other products? With new renders from Curved.de, you can see what the iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad and Apple Watch could all look like in the future.

Each device adopts the top notch, even the currently camera-less Apple Watch which already looks almost bezel-less as it is right now. The 12-inch MacBook has a much larger display thanks to a lack of bezels, making its design even more compact.

Of course, the reaction to the added top notch has been mixed so far, with some claiming that it is a hindrance to app design and development. If Apple is going to adopt this design across all devices, the top notch is necessary until the company figure out how to incorporate a front-facing camera behind the screen.

Curved also speculates that Apple will bring Face ID to the rest of its products and while it has already been rumored that the feature is coming to the iPad Pro next year, if Apple follows the same timeline as it did with Touch ID, we should expect to see it on the Mac too.

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