iPhone XR successor will feature 4GB of RAM, according to benchmarks

With Apple’s next iPhone event just a week away, new details have emerged from Geekbench showing the CPU statistics for the iPhone XR successor.

Geekbench has scored the iPhone XR successor 5415 for single-core and 11294 for multi-core, which would make the device around 12% faster for single-core tasks, but no difference for multi-core tasks compared with the current iPhone XR’s benchmark scores.

Whilst the data does look legitimate, it’s impossible to tell whether someone has uploaded fake information to the service, which is often the case when new iPhones are involved.

Assuming the data is true, the iPhone XR successor would have the smallest year-on-year jump in CPU performance in recent history, which will perhaps disappoint some buyers.

However, with Apple’s A-series chips already leading the industry and offering unparalleled performance and battery life, the iPhone XR 2 will no doubt still be a powerhouse device.

What’s more, Apple may have invested in improving efficiency in the iPhone to increase battery performance, especially considering the new iPhones will feature bilateral charging.

The data does confirm that the iPhone XR successor will feature one more gigabyte of RAM compared with the 2018 model.

The iPhone 11 is also expected to be bumped up to 4GB for this year, though it’s unknown whether Apple will add even more to the iPhone 11 Pro.

What’s important to note is that Geekbench only desks some compute elements of a CPU and that Apple can offer specialized performance improvements that don’t show up when benchmarked.

Apple is widely expected to introduce a ‘matrix’ co-processor which would help to speed up certain operations, as we’ve previously covered, which wouldn’t translate into a standard benchmark test.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11R (?) devices at this year’s Special Event on Tuesday, September 10. Stay tuned to AppleMagazine for the latest.

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