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iPod Classics Soar in Value

iPod Classic have shot up in value since Apple ceased to produce them. Apple axed the devices two months ago, yet the 160GB Classic is now selling for the equivalent of over $1,000. One model was being sold for £670 ($1049) in the UK this week, and it’s thought that over 3,000 models have been sold on eBay since the product was discontinued. However, some buyers have complained that their models were damaged.

Apple boss Time Cook recently said that the device had been axed because the components needed to produce it were no longer available. The 160GB Classic was able to hold upwards of 40,000 tracks. Streaming services such as Spotify were thought to have made the iPod Classic virtually obsolete, but recent sales on auction sites show that the demand for the high-capacity models still seems to be there.

The first iPod Classic was released in 2001, with the Classic having been on the market for well over a decade before it was discontinued. 80GB models of the device don’t seem to be faring as well, selling for just over $150.

Do you have a 160GB iPod to sell? Perhaps you regret disposing of yours some time back? Will you miss the iPod Classic? Let us know below.

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