Iran users can no longer access Apple’s App Store

Iran App Store

According to a new report, users in Iran have been blocked from the App Store. Users believe a ban was put in place on Thursday, blocking all access for users in the country.

This report, which comes from Bleeping Computerclaims the ban is IP based. This is because, Iranian security researcher, Meysam Firouzi, was able to access the App Store using a VPN, despite having Iranian-based account details. As the ban appears to be IP-based, users are required to use a VPN and cannot simply create a US-based App Store account.

“This ban appears to be IP-based. Meysam Firouzi —an Iranian security researcher— told Bleeping Computer that he successfully connected to the App Store while using a VPN, despite having Iran-related details set on his account.”

The company has banned certain apps created by Iranian developers in the past, most recently in August. Apple does not do business in the country and there is no official Iran App Store. Million of iPhones have been smuggled into the country.

Interruptions began at around 3.30pm local time, and Apple has yet to comment on the situation.

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