Is Apple Security as Sturdy as You Think? Learn about Apple’s Security level and empower your security with a few tips & tricks.

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Apple is one of the most trusted mobile phone and device brands. People swear by its security and have blind faith in it. We all feel that our data is in safe hands when we’re using devices running on iOS or macOS. But is this brand really so flawless?

We have doubts about this because we have seen security breaches even with Apple devices. In this blog post, we’re going to explain some of the considered worthy security flaws of Apple and how you can fix them. So, let’s get started.

Apple Security – What Makes It Praiseworthy?

Apple certainly goes beyond offering normal features and takes its security seriously. Have a look at key traits that make Apple security the best of the breed.

Closed ecosystem

All of Apple’s equipment and technology are of developers under an utterly closed ecosystem. No outsider has access to this ecosystem.

Unlike Android, which often releases its app scripts and other crucial technology in open space, Apple keeps everything to itself. This way, hackers have very less understanding of the foundational technology of Apple. Hence, they have less opportunity to introduce malware and viruses. While you’re using Apple devices, you know that no unverified professionals will have any rights or access.

Frequent updates

If you’re fed up with receiving too frequent updates then you need to understand that these updates are offered to keep your system and stored data safe. Within six months of the launch of the new OS, you will get a new version update. With each update, you get better bug fixing and security patches. Hence, you will have a better chance to deal with cyber vulnerabilities.

Stringent App Store policies

The App Store Apple is very stern on its terms and policies. Not everyone can drop their apps and software on this platform. Apple takes extra measures to make sure that only verified and dependable apps reach the App Store. For the developer, much stronger rules and policies are at work to avoid malware-infected and counterfeit applications.

Also, it makes sure that all the apps that are willing to join the App Store have to allow customers to choose whether they want to track the locations or other details. It puts customers in charge of their privacy and this is a great thing.

Security keys

Since 2015, Apple has been using 2FA for Apple IDs and this feature backs more than 95% of iCloud accounts. With this feature, people can avoid unwanted access to their iCloud and other data stored on Apple devices.

This is just a glimpse of the extensive security features that Apple offers. There are many more ways that Apple adopts to keep your device and data protected. But, is it flawless? No.

The Flaws In Apple Security

A recent survey of Atlas VPN revealed that nearly 380 vulnerabilities were spotted in Apple devices only in the first half of 2021. It makes one thing very clear; Apple’s security is not unbreakable. Certain loopholes exist there and can be problematic for Apple device users. This is what we meant.

  • All Apple devices have one thing in common; their deepest operating system layer is the same. So, if one manages to break into the operating system layer of one device, exploiting other devices won’t be an issue;
  • In the case of linked devices, 1 device in the network can bring trouble for all other devices;

How To Improve Apple Security?

Apple is doing a great job to keep your system data protected. But, cyberpunks are way too smart and find new ways to bypass this strong security shield of Apple. So, you need to put some effort from your end as well to empower the default Apple security. 

  • Try using a VPN as this technology encrypts the traffic, hides the real IP address, and does many more things to protect the saved data
  • Using proxy service servers, while accessing blocked websites is a great way to keep things risk-free
  • Take regular backups so that if an attack happens then also you don’t lose your key data
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Apple, as a brand, deploys a powerful security mechanism for its end users. But, it still has some scope for improvement and you must not trust it blindly. Put efforts from your side and use VPN,  proxy server, and backup facilities to enjoy more security.

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