Israeli Tech Website Produces iPhone 5 Mockup

GSMIsrael, an Israeli tech website, has published a video of what they are saying is a mockup of the iPhone 5. Reportedly, the mockup was produced by a major case and cover manufacturer in order to help sell their wares.

In the video, the reporter is handling what certainly looks like a working iPhone 5. It has all the rumored parts on it, including a bottom headphone jack, smaller USB port, two-tone backplate, etc. Additionally, it's taller than the current iPhone 4 and 4S, as it widely reported and expected.

In the accompanying web article, translated to English, GSMIsrael mentions that the CEO of a major case and covers manufacturing company produced the mockup. They will not reveal the name of the company, but promise that we all know it.

Of course, this could certainly join the ranks of the false reports, but from all the included information, it definitely seems like it's right on the money. The more and more reports that come out, it's making me think I'm the only one who hasn't gotten my hands on the iPhone 5 yet.

Photo Source: GSMIsrael


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