iTunes Top Ten Albums – Week 9/24/12

Hello all you music fans out there. We at Apple Magazine have been trying to bring all of you the latest breaking news on everything Apple. Unfortunately, there isn’t much news daily that really pertains to iTunes. But there is a never ending array of music that filters through the iTunes Top Ten Lists each week. In this post, we bring you the Top Ten Albums for the week of 9/24/1012. If you’re looking for more in-depth album reviews, or a look at some other top albums and hit singles then make sure you subscribe to Apple Magazine. Each week features a music, movies, and games spread that will give you a better look at some of the top applications available in iOS.

Here are the top albums for this week;



10 – “The Carpenter” (The Avett Brothers)






9 – “The Lumineers” (The Lumineers)






8 – “Away From The World – Deluxe Version” (Dave Matthews Band)






7 – “Awakened” (As I Lay Dying)






6 – “Battle Born – Deluxe Edition” (The Killers)






5 – “Night Visions” (Imagine Dragons)






4 – “Sigh No More” (Mumford & Sons)






3 – “Push and Shove – Deluxe Version” (No Doubt)






2 – “Babel” – (Mumford & Sons)






1 – “Babel – Deluxe Edition” – (Mumford & Sons)

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